The Covenant and Salvation (5)

How is Christ’s Work Able to Apply to Us?

Without a full biblical understanding of how salvation works, the natural human tendency is to assume that it applies to us by inspiration or by the affirmation of faith.  Our salvation, however, was ordained by the Triune God from all eternity in His foreknowledge of His people and His predestination and election of them unto Christ.  Our union with Christ, therefore, is of central importance in our salvation.

God’s actions in eternity lays the groundwork for how He worked out salvation in history.  This is rooted in the pactum salutis, that is, the agreement between the three Persons of the Trinity, Father,  Son and Holy Spirit, to bring about the salvation of God’s people.  This agreement necessarily consists of God’s foreknowledge and predestination to election in Christ.  God’s predestination of a people to be elected in Christ does not depend on anything that they did, but solely upon His free grace alone.  Because of God’s foreknowledge and predestination, we have assurance that our salvation rests in His promises alone, not in our decisions.  We also have assurance that all those elected by God will come to salvation; none will be lost.  This should be a comfort to believers. 

Handout and Notes for Lesson 5

Prep for Lesson 6

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