Readings – Week of May 1

Covenantide Readings

SunOf Effectual Calling
WCF 10, WLC 58-60, WSC 29-32
MonOT: Deuteronomy 7
NT: Matthew 13
Psalm 119:81-88
TuesOT: Deuteronomy 8
NT: Matthew 14
Psalm 119:89-96
WedOT: Deuteronomy 9
NT: Matthew 15
Psalm 119:97-104
ThursOT: Deuteronomy 10
NT: Matthew 16
Psalm 119:105-112
FriOT: Deuteronomy 11
NT: Matthew 17
Psalm 119:113-120
SatOT: Deuteronomy 12
NT: Matthew 18
Psalm 119:121-128

The readings this week continue to go through Deuteronomy, Matthew and Psalm 119. The Confessional readings in the Westminster Standards look at the issue of Effectual Calling and regeneration in God’s economy of salvation.

Overlooking the Sea of Galilee near the Spot of the Sermon on the Mount

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