Readings – Week of June 5

Kingdomtide Readings

SunOf Repentance Unto Life
WCF 15, WLC 76, WSC 87
MonOT: Ezekiel 1-3
NT: Luke 1:1-25
Psalm 42
TuesOT: Ezekiel 4-5
NT: Luke 1:26-56
Psalm 44
WedOT: Ezekiel 6-7
Luke 1:57-80
Psalm 45
ThursOT: Ezekiel 8
NT: Luke 2
Psalm 46
FriOT: Ezekiel 9
NT: Luke 3
Psalm 47
SatOT: Ezekiel 10
NT: Luke 4:1-13
Psalm 48

With Pentecost, this week begins the Kingdomtide readings that will continue until the end of the calendar year. Pentecost marks the inauguration of the New Covenant and the ingathering of God’s People into His Kingdom.

The Old Testament readings will begin on a sober note, with the prophecy of Ezekiel, who prophesied from 593 BC until about 571 BC. There were three successive waves of deportations that the Babylonians made of the Jews, the first in 603 BC, the second in 597 BC, and the final one in 586 BC. Ezekiel witnessed God’s people being taken into exile into Babylon in the second wave. God’s people stubbornly refused to believe that God would judge them, and God tasked Ezekiel to disabuse them of that notion. He prophesied that God’s presence would depart the Temple, and that Jerusalem and Judah would be destroyed. After the final Exile to Babylon, however, Ezekiel’s tone shifted to one of hope, as he foresaw God’s future restoration of His people.

The New Testament readings will begin focusing on the Pauline-related corpus. Luke was a close associate of the Apostle Paul and his two volume history, consisting of his Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles, provide the historical background framing Paul’s writings. The Psalm readings will begin a two-week overview of the Psalms of the Sons of Korah.

Panorama of Shepherd’s Field, Bethlehem

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