Readings – Week of July 3

SunOf the Communion of the Saints
WCF 26, WLC 64-66
MonOT: Ezekiel 31
NT: Luke 20
Psalm 1
TuesOT: Ezekiel 32
NT: Luke 21
Psalm 2
WedOT: Ezekiel 33
NT: Luke 22:1-38
Psalm 3
ThursOT: Ezekiel 34
NT: Luke 22:38-71
Psalm 4
FriOT: Ezekiel 35
NT: Luke 23
Psalm 5
SatOT: Ezekiel 36
NT: Luke 24
Psalm 6

This week’s readings continue in Ezekiel and conclude Luke’s Gospel. The Psalm readings this week will transition to going through the Psalms sequentially.

Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Jerusalem

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