Readings – Week of July 17

Kingdomtide Readings

SunMan’s Inability to Keep the Law
WLC 149-153, WSC 82-85
MonOT: Ezekiel 43
NT: Acts 7
Psalm 13
TuesOT: Ezekiel 44
NT: Acts 8
Psalm 14
WedOT: Ezekiel 45
NT: Acts 8
Psalm 15
ThursOT: Ezekiel 46
NT: Acts 10
Psalm 16
FriOT: Ezekiel 47
NT: Acts 11
Psalm 17
SatOT: Ezekiel 48
NT: Acts 12
Psalm 18

This week’s readings will conclude Ezekiel’s prophecy in the Old Testament and will continue going through the Psalms sequentially. The New Testament readings in Acts will cover the period from Stephen’s stoning and the dispersal of the church in Jerusalem to the eve of the First Missionary Journey. Included in this period is conversion of Paul on the road to Damascus in chapter 9 and the “Pentecost of the Gentiles” in chapter 10.

Saul on the Road to Damascus

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