Lectionary Readings – Week of Oct 16, 2022

Week 20 from Pentecost

Weekly Summary

The Old Testament readings for this week begin the book of Ezra. The New Testament readings continue going through Romans, and the Psalms cover Psalms 91-96.

The Word as a Means of Grace
WLC 154-160, WSC 88-90

OT: Ezra 1-5
NT: Romans 7-12
Psalms 91-96

Daily Summary

SunThe Word as a Means of Grace
WLC 154-160, WSC 88-90
MonOT: Ezra 1
NT: Romans 7
Psalm 91
TuesOT: Ezra 2
NT: Romans 8
Psalm 92
WedOT: Ezra 3
NT: Romans 9
Psalm 93
ThursOT: Ezra 4
NT: Romans 10
Psalm 94
FriOT: Ezra 5
NT: Romans 11
Psalm 95
SatNT: Romans 12
Psalm 96

Reading Notes

In the Hebrew bible, Ezra and Nehemiah were historically considered one book, narrating the reconstruction of the Temple and the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem. Ezra picks up where continues the history begun in 1 and 2 Chronicles left off, as indicated by the fact that the first two verses of Ezra repeat the last two verses of 2 Chronicles. Given these connections, it is important to remember that the purpose of the 1 and 2 Chronicles was to help the returnees from the Exile to recover an understanding of their history as a nation and return to the covenantal promises of God. There, the Davidic dynasty and the Temple were the touchstones of national identity. In Ezra, the Temple focus remains as the people are exhorted to rebuild the Temple, albeit on a much smaller and less grand scale. While restoration of the Davidic dynasty was not permissible under Persian rule, rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem–the city originally captured by David–was. Ezra details how God’s people renewed their covenant with the LORD, which was the foundation of their identity as a people.

Ezra and the Rebuilding of the Temple (Dore’)

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