Lectionary Readings – The Week of Nov 20, 2022

Week 25 from Pentecost

Weekly Summary

This week’s Old Testament readings continue going through the prophecy of Zechariah (chs. 4-9). The New Testament readings encompass the Apostle Paul’s entire letter to the Colossians and his private letter to Philemon. The Psalms are the Songs of Ascents (or Degrees), namely Psalms 122-127.

The Lord’s Prayer
WLC 189-196, WSC 100-107

OT: Zechariah 4-9
NT: Colossians 1-4, Philemon
Psalms 122-127

Daily Summary

SunThe Lord’s Prayer
WLC 189-196, WSC 100-107
MonOT: Zechariah 4
NT: Colossians 1
Psalm 122
TuesOT: Zechariah 5
NT: Colossians 2
Psalm 123
WedOT: Zechariah 6
NT: Colossians 3
Psalm 124
ThursOT: Zechariah 7
NT: Colossians 4
Psalm 125
FriOT: Zechariah 8
NT: Philemon
Psalm 126
SatOT: Zechariah 9
Psalm 127
Mosaic of Paul’s Second Missionary Journey, Philippi

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