Lectionary Readings – Year A Week 4

Weekly Summary

Of the Holy Scriptures
Westminster Confession of Faith 1, Larger Catechism 2-6, Shorter Catechism 2-3

OT: Genesis 6-11
NT: John 7-11
Psalms of David 9, 11-15

The Old Testament readings this week describe God’s judgment on the world in the Flood, His covenant with Noah, and the His dispersal of the nations as a result of man’s hubris in constructing the tower of Babel. The judgment of the Flood provides the basis for God’s covenant of common grace. The Babel account completes the prologue of antiquity that covers Genesis chs. 1-11. From chapter 12 onward, God’s redemptive program will come into clearer focus with the Abrahamic covenant.

The New Testament readings in the Gospel of John cover Christ’s public ministry from His third trip to Jerusalem, during the Feast of Tabernacles, to His fourth trip to Jerusalem during the Feast of Dedication. This goes to the eve of the Passover week that would culminate with His crucifixion.

The Psalm readings continue through the Psalms of David.

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