Lectionary Readings – Year A Week 5

Weekly Summary

Of God and the Holy Trinity
Westminster Confession of Faith 2, Larger Catechism 7-11, Shorter Catechism 4-6

OT: Genesis 12-17
NT: John 12-17
Psalm 16-21

The Old Testament lectionary readings for this week cover the beginnings of the Abrahamic covenant, going from God’s initial promises to Abram to the institution of circumcision as a sign of the covenant. This section includes Abram’s descent to Egypt and God’s protection of him there, Lot’s captivity and rescue, God’s formal, unilateral covenant with Abram, and the birth of his son Ishmael through Sarah’s handmaid Hagar. God’s covenant with Abram in chapter 17 should not be seen as a new covenant, but as an extension and deepening of the covenant He made in chapter 15.

The New Testament readings continue in John’s Gospel, describing Jesus as the Good Shepherd, recounting the death and resurrection of Lazarus as an immediate forerunner of Christ’s own death and resurrection, and then moving into Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem, marking the beginning of His passion. Chapters 12-15 focus on Christ’s last words to His disciples.

The Psalm readings continue through the Psalms of David.

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