Lectionary Reading – Year A Week 9

Desertide 7

Of the Fall of Man
Westminster Confession of Faith 6, Larger Catechism 21-30, Shorter Catechism 13-20

OT: Genesis 37-42
NT: Revelation 10-15
Psalm 41, 51-53, 55, 56

The Old Testament readings in Genesis cover the account of Joseph through his rise to be the vizier in Egypt during the seven years of famine. In the midst of this is the side account of Judah and Tamar, which, although seemingly incongruous, sets the stage for Judah’s subsequent emergence as a leader among the brothers in chapter 43.

The New Testament readings in Revelation comprise the center of the vision, not merely formally, but also in terms of the narrative, as chapters 12-14 describe the heart of the spiritual conflict that is behind the persecution that believers face.

The Psalm readings continue through the Psalms of David.

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