Lectionary Reading – Year A Week 9

The Old Testament readings in Genesis cover the account of Joseph through his rise to be the vizier in Egypt during the seven years of famine. The New Testament readings in Revelation comprise the center of the vision, not merely formally, but also in terms of the narrative, as chapters 12-14 describe the heart of the spiritual conflict that is behind the persecution that believers face.

Lectionary Readings – Year A Week 8

This week's Old Testament readings in Genesis describe Jacob's flight from Laban and return to the land which God had promised his grandfather Abraham. Covenantally, this reflects God's fulfillment of the vow Jacob made when he fled his home for Haran, that if God would care for him and bring him home safely then Yahweh would be his God (Gen. 28:21). The New Testament readings begin the Book of Revelation.