Reading the Genealogies (Gen. 9:18-11:32)

It is undeniable that the genealogical lists in Scripture can seem boring.  But, rightly understood, they do have both a narrative and a covenantal significance in several ways. Narratively, they give a sense of time, space, and relational context.  The Genesis 5 genealogy, for example, describes the growth of human families, whereas the Genesis 10 … Continue reading Reading the Genealogies (Gen. 9:18-11:32)

Creation and Covenant (Gen. 1)

The Reformed tradition has long held that the way to read Scripture is covenantally.  Covenants in the ancient world were simply treaties, that is, legal arrangements regulating the relationship between two sovereign entities.  Typically in the ancient world a suzerain (an overlord) king would impose a covenant on a vassal (subordinate) king.  Such an arrangement … Continue reading Creation and Covenant (Gen. 1)